Being part of the GAMI Project, a massive collaborative assessment of global adaptation progress, was a very insightful and instructive process. Not only did it lead to an impressive overview publication on where we currently stand in terms of adaptation but it also offered the opportunity to work together with other scientists around the world and use the GAMI database for further research on different issues related to adaptation.

One gap that was not specifically addressed in the original GAMI analysis was coastal urban adaptation. In the face of continuous urbanization of coasts as well as increasing coastal impacts due to environmental change, assessing and understanding if and how coastal urban areas adapt to the hazards they have to cope with and adapt to seems timely.

Together with other TRANSCEND team members and a group of GAMI-authors, we use the GAMI database as a foundation for creating a review process to assess empirical evidence for coastal urban adaptation to climate change. A successful all-author meeting just kick-started the collaboration and we are all looking forward to the process and the results.